It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect landscape for your Limited Common Areas and around the East Evergreen,

Central Cypress & West Willow buildings.

Idea: use Ground Cover!  Nearly no weeds!  Our Grounds already are very nice looking and are looking better & better.  For everything to really come alive, the right choices have to be made concerning the foliage that surrounds trees and covers open areas. Think ground covers along with perennials: the decoration options are limitless...

Creative Landscaping Ideas for Your Area

Our Ideas

KWCA specializes in the new, the happening and the now all while we prepare for the future!

Where others see limitations, we see possibility.

And the complex continues to be strong and vibrant!

Our Portfolio

Proudly self-managed continuously since 2005, KWCA is debt free and our co-owners continue to add to a nest egg/rainy day account all while capitol improvements continue.

Short History

We've been Kinyon Woods Condominiums since 1999; prior to that and since the complex's beginning in 1965,

we were known as

Hawaiian Village Apartments.

Kinyon Woods Condominium Association [KWCA]

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