KWCA Pool Rules and Regulations

Kinyon Woods Condominium Association [KWCA]

Pool Rules and Regulations

A. The Board of Directors will determine seasonal pool opening and closing dates. The pool will be open during scheduled hours dependent upon weather conditions. When necessary, the pool will be closed for maintenance operations and repairs. The Board reserves the right to close the pool, as it deems necessary. Also, the Board reserves the right to make changes in the rules when required for the safety and sanitation of all residents.

B. The Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes in the rules when required for the safety and sanitation of all residents.

C. It is the resident's responsibility to know and understand the rules and regulations and abide by them.

D. If any infractions are brought to the co-owners attention, the co-owner is expected to make necessary corrections. Violation of the rules by a co-owner or a co-owner's guest could result in suspension or revocation of the co-owner's pool privileges.

E. The pool will be opened during scheduled hours of 9AM – 9PM depending on weather. When necessary, the pool will be closed for maintenance and repairs.

F. The Association and management are not responsible for accidents or loss of personal property and assume no liability in connection therewith. Everyone shall use the pool at there own risk.

G. Pool Keys: It is the responsibility of the co-owner to maintain the pool key for his/her unit. If a replacement of a pool key is required the co-owner will be charged a fee of $50.

Pool Rules

1. There is a 911 phone in the phone box on the pool building. Lift the ear/mouth piece and the line will connect to a 911 operator. The operator will know our pool location.

2. No Lifeguard is on duty. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.

3. No person with infectious or communicable diseases, bandages, skin eruption, open blisters, inflamed eyes, etc. is allowed in the pool.

4. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area. No intoxicated person(s) will be allowed in the pool area. Any infraction of this rule will cause him/her to be permanently restricted from the pool.

5. Smoking is allowed in the pool area. Owners/renters/guests are responsible for the smoking debris. No butts about it! If this is violated the Board reserves the right to make a change in this rule.

6. The pool is private and not public. Only co-owners and each is allowed a maximum of 4 guests, unless conditions dictate otherwise.

7. Destruction of pool property will not be tolerated. Anyone found damaging or destroying property will have to pay for repairs or replacement.

8. Consideration of others occupying the pool must be observed by all. Loud music and excessive noise will not be permitted.

9. No running in the pool area.

10. No pets in the pool area.

11. Destruction of any pool property will result in a replacement cost fine to Co-owner.

12. The Co-owner at Kinyon Woods will accompany their guests at the pool.

13. Unfamiliar persons will be asked who they are, who supplied them a pool key.

14. Any articles left at the pool will be discarded.

15. No rough playing in or around pool area. Please walk on cement surfaces.

16. A person may be given a warning because of their actions/behavior. A person may be told to leave the pool area by a Board member.

17. A person may be banned from the pool area by a Board member because of their actions or behavior or language.

Our pool is ours to maintain and enjoy, we hope to have it remain as such.

KWCA Officers of the Board of Directors

Office: 22243 Kinyon, Unit #6 Taylor, Michigan [MI] 48180

(313) 292-4832

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