KWCA Rules and Regulations

KWCA Rules and Regulations

1. Each Co-owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of their individual limited common area surrounding their unit. This includes maintaining in a reasonable manner: patio area, front entrance and surrounding limited common area, including maintenance of all bushes and growth within that limited common area; discarding of flower pots after the season has ended; no obstructions for lawn maintenance. The Co-owner may remove certain bushes; however, the Association will not pay for replacements. Co-owners may receive a notice from the Board that these obligations of maintenance have to be met and complied with to maintain a neat and attractive community. Co-owners may receive a fine for not having met their obligations after a reasonable amount of time.

2. No feeding of birds, squirrels or rabbits, in any form. Food left out is an invitation for rodents to visit and remain near areas where they can easily find food.

3. Copies of the Kinyon Woods By-laws, Master Deed or pool keys cost $50.00 each.

4. Rental capacity for Kinyon Woods Condominiums: 10%

5. All vehicles must be legally licensed and in mechanical working condition (able to be driven; no flat tires). Vehicles noticed not having been moved for a lengthy period of time will be subject to questions about the vehicle to the owner.

6. There will be no storage of vehicles for relatives/friends in complex parking lots for extended periods of time. Speak with a Board member before agreeing to allow another person's vehicle to occupy a parking spot for any extended period of time (such as during a vacation). The Board reserves the right to have a vehicle with expired plates and/or inoperable vehicles tagged by the City of Taylor, and then removed from any parking area after a warning notice from the Board asking the owner of the vehicle to take care of the problem vehicle. Fines beginning at $50.00 may be issued by the Board upon refusal by owner of the vehicle to take care of the problem vehicle.

7. When a Co-owner is responsible for a spill (i.e., garbage bag breaks before it has been put into dumpster; vehicle leaking fluids onto parking lot pavement), that Co-owner is required to clean it up. Garbage should be confined to a plastic bag and tied before putting into any dumpster.

8. Break down large boxes before putting into any dumpster. Furniture should be taken apart and broken down before putting into any dumpster. Extra-large pieces (mattresses, couches, etc.) should not be put into any dumpster.

9. Unpaid fines to Co-owners are deemed a lien against the property until the fines are paid in full.

10. Residents should notify the Board of any change in permanent occupancy of a unit (relative/friend moves in).

11. Each Co-owner shall have a current Census Form and valid phone number on file at all times.


* 'It is intended that the Board of Directors of the Association may make rules and regulations from time to time to reflect the needs and desires of the majority of the Co-owners in the Condominium. Reasonable regulations consistent with the Act, the Master Deed and these Bylaws concerning the use of the Common Elements may be made and amended from time to time by any Board of Directors of the Association, including the first Board of Directors, or its successors. Copies of such rules, regulations and amendments thereto shall be furnished to all Co-owners'.

NOTE: The Rules and Regulations listed below were discussed at the Annual Meeting, May 13, 2014, and were voted on by show of hand with majority approval.

NOTE: Rules and Regulations may be amended or revised by the Board of Directors.*
Reference: KWCA By-Laws | ARTICLE VI | RESTRICTIONS | Section 11 | Page 14   (Revised in 2009/2012/2014)

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